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Litigation Support

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

Conducting complex economic and statistical analysis
Analyzing the causal elements in FRCP Rule 23b in class actions
Identifying the catalysts leading to economic damages
Performing complex economic valuations

Catalyst has over 15 years of experience providing economic expert testimony and litigation support services to AMLAW 100 clients. We specialize in conducting the complex economic, financial and statistical causation analyses required in class certification, economic damages, and valuation cases.  Our experts have been favorably cited by courts and relied upon by our clients. 

Our Experience

Economic, Financial, and Statistical Analysis

Catalyst excels at conducting the complex economic, financial and statistical analyses required to understand economic causation and damages in disputes. Our analyses have been used by AMLAW 100 clients, regulators, and private corporations to favorably resolve contentious disputes. 

Economic Damages

Catalyst specializes in conducting the analyses required to differentiate loss from damage. In our role as an economic damages expert witness, we excel at assessing causal elements like transaction and loss causation.

Class Action Litigation

Catalyst Economic Consulting has deep experience helping clients understand and navigate the causal elements required under FRCP Rule 23 for class certification and damages. Our experience includes class action litigation surrounding LIBOR, foreign exchange trading, swap trading, and checking account overdraft fees, securities class actions, and consumer fraud and product liability.

Securities Fraud and Class Action Litigation

Catalyst’s support and testimony has helped firms win big cases and settlements in securities class action litigation. We excel in conducting the event studies used to assess price impact and loss causation in Section 10, Section 11, and Rule 10b(5) claims. Our securities fraud experts have also been engaged to opine on market efficiency, reliance, materiality, and loss causation  in matters involving stocks and bonds traded on the NASDAQ and NYSE, dual listed ADRs, and OTC traded stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

Valuation Services

Catalyst’s team brings years of experience analyzing different businesses’ products, place in the market, internal operations and financial performance. We specialize in evaluating fair value in complex businesses, securities, transfer pricing, and contracts using commonly accepted valuation methods as required in litigation.

Regulatory Enforcement Actions and Internal Investigations

Catalyst consults in enforcement actions and investigations without causing major interruptions to your business. Our experience includes investigations involving insider trading, risk management in money management, and insurance risk modeling. We have direct experience interacting with the Securities Exchange Commision, the Commodities Future Trading Commission, the Department of Labor, and other regulatory bodies.