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The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst Economic Consulting’s founder, Dr. Andrew Roper, has provided economic expert witness testimony and litigation support services to AMLAW 100 clients for over a decade. He brings the best litigation consulting practices in the industry to Catalyst Economic Consulting while introducing a more cost effective business model.  

Instead of employing full time consultants, Catalyst hires carefully vetted industry or case-specific experts on an as-needed basis to create a senior level team specific to every case. Dr. Roper has a large network of contacts developed during his long career in finance, economic modeling, expert testimony and real world business legal cases. Catalyst brings best-in-class expert witness testimony and litigation support consulting expertise to your specific case at substantial cost savings compared to larger firms.

Reliable Economic, Financial and Statistical Analysis

Catalyst understands that our clients require reliable economic testimony to help translate their legal arguments into legal claims. We are experts at  conducting the complex economic, financial, and statistical analyses required to support reliable economic expert testimony. 

Authentic Economic Expert Witness Testimony

Catalyst also understands that authenticity matters in economic testimony. Authentic testimony helps communicate the reliability of the testifying expert’s opinion and helps to achieve fair economic adjudication of disputes. We believe that authenticity requires complete engagement. Instead of  leveraging large case teams with several layers of personnel between the economic analysis and the supporting testimony, our experts personally manage case teams, perform the analysis and craft their final supporting testimony themselves. Because they are intimately involved in every aspect of analysis and testimony, they can authentically communicate their opinions.

Efficient Pricing

Catalyst offers a flexible rate schedule to ensure that our clients receive the level of support they desire, whether they are asking us to provide support for a specific inquiry or engage us on retainer to respond to the needs of its overall litigation or dispute resolution needs. 

For all matters, we never pass along our overhead fees to the client. That means no administrative fees, no computer usage fees, no copying fees, etc. Our efficient pricing model allows clients to maximize the value provided by Catalyst, while minimizing the cost of litigation support on the overall litigation budget.