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Litigation Support
Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

catalyst economic consultingConducting complex economic and statistical analysis
catalyst economic consultingAnalyzing the causal elements in FRCP Rule 23b in class actions
catalyst economic consultingIdentifying the catalysts leading to economic damages
catalyst economic consultingPerforming complex economic valuations

Class Action
Class Action Certification & Litigation

catalyst economic consultingAssessing causal elements under Rule 23 for class certification
catalyst economic consultingDetermining whether damages require individualized inquiry
catalyst economic consultingSecurities class actions, including class certification and damages

Economic Damages
Economic Damages

catalyst economic consultingDamages in complex business litigation & breach of contract disputes
catalyst economic consultingTransaction and loss causation
catalyst economic consultingDamage valuation involving Section 10 and 11 and Rule 10b(5) claims

Valuation Services
Valuation Services

catalyst economic consultingEvaluating fair value in Delaware appraisal matters
catalyst economic consultingValuing securities found in startups and venture backed companies
catalyst economic consultingEstimating the arm’s length value of platform contributions in transfer pricing

Securities Fraud
Securities Fraud & Securities Class Actions

catalyst economic consultingSecurities class certification and market efficiency
catalyst economic consultingConducting event studies to investigate price impact, inflation, and loss causation
catalyst economic consultingCalculating and evaluating securities litigation damages

Regulatory Enforcement
Regulatory Enforcement Actions & Internal Investigations

catalyst economic consultingConducting interviews to better understand unique aspects of a company’s business
catalyst economic consultingIdentifying relevant data for production to interested parties
catalyst economic consultingPresenting complex analysis to regulatory agencies and other vested parties

The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst Economic Consulting provides bespoke litigation support and economic expert witness testimony. We excel at conducting the complex causal analysis commonly required in class action litigation, damages analysis, valuation, and securities fraud and class action litigation. Our testifying expert witnesses translate complex economic analyses into easily understood testimony. This  testimony has proven pivotal in settlement, arbitration and mediation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations, and at trial. Learn more about the Catalyst Difference.

Our Services

Catalyst has over 15 years of experience providing economic expert testimony and litigation support services to AMLAW 100 clients. We specialize in conducting complex economic, financial and statistical causation analyses.

We help clients better understand economic issues in class action litigation. We conduct the economic, financial, and statistical analyses required for class action certification and damages, and translate the results of these complex analyses into easily understood testimony. 

We are experienced in conducting economic damages analyses and valuation services that help clients better understand the effects of and make claims on economic loss.

We provide business valuations of private companies, startups and venture capital for dispute resolution. We also provide valuation consulting services relating to transfer pricing and contracts for litigation.

We provide securities fraud expert witness support and consulting in all phases of securities class actions, including Rule 10b-5, Section 11 and 12 and ERISA matters. 

We assist counsel and corporations in responding to inquiries from regulatory agencies and in conducting internal investigations to identify areas of exposure.  

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Our In-House Expert

Dr. Andrew Roper, founder of Catalyst Economic Consulting, has provided expert witness testimony and litigation consulting services to AMLAW 100 clients for over a decade. His testimony has been favorably cited in case rulings in a variety of matters including, Security Fraud and Security Class Actions, Class Certification, Damages and Economic Valuation. 

Dr. Roper taught at the Stanford School of Law, the University of Wisconsin, and Duke University. Our founder helped design and teach the nation’s first course at Stanford Law exploring the role of complex economic, financial, and statistical analyses in class certification and class action litigation. Dr. Roper has ranked in the top 10% of downloaded authors on the leading repository of academic research and has published in peer reviewed journals.  

Read more on Dr. Andrew Roper, founder of Catalyst Economic Consulting.

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